Sketchnotes are visual storytelling.

It's the art of doodling as note-taking. You can document just about anything by using images, diagrams and text. Learn more about the sketchnotes movement at Sketchnote Army.


A11y Camp Bay Area 2016

I sketchnoted four presentations at  Accessibility Camp Bay Area. Read more by searching for #a11ycampbayarea on Twitter.


Mitchell Evan (Twitter @mitchellrevan)


Nancy Frishberg (Twitter @nancyf)


Aidan Tierney (Twitter @aidana11y)


Bo Campbell (Twitter @bocampbell)



General Assembly UX Design

On the last day of our 10-week bootcamp, we drew our journey all over the whiteboard walls of our classroom.


Courtesy of Billie Mandel



LightHouse Design Presentation

We drew metaphors to build our presentation for the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.